Useful ABAP Functions

Function Description
POPUP_TO_SELECT_MONTHSelect month and year.
GUI_RUNRun command on the client side.
DAYS_BETWEEN_TWO_DATESTotal days between dates.
HRVE_CONVERT_TIME Convert time between 24h and 12h
SEO_CLASS_GET_METHOD_INCLUDESFind includes which are created by class
TH_POPUPSend a message to the user
RP_CALC_DATE_IN_INTERVALAdd or remove days, months, and years to date
HR_EFI_CONVERT_STRING_TO_TABLEConvert string to itab with a given row length
MCS_BIW_DROP_CREATE_TABLEDrop and re-create a database table
CONVERT_DATE_TO_INTERNALConvert string to date with check
ARCHIVFILE_CLIENT_TO_SERVERCopy a file from client to server (upload)
ARCHIVFILE_SERVER_TO_CLIENTCopy a file from server to client (download)
ALINK_CALL_TRANSACTIONCall t-code without authorization.
POPUP_GET_VALUESAsk for values to user.

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