Known hybris configurations

I am trying to list hybris configurations. These parameters are using in properties files (,, I will update this list with new ones.

Email settings

Parameter Default Description
mail.pop3.beforesmtp  false  
mail.use.tls  false  

Other settings

Parameter Values Default Description
cockpit.reports.vjdbc.ports 0-65000 9000 Cockpit repors virtual jdbc port. true, false    Log and show native query when getting error.
backoffice.cockpitng.reset.triggers login    Reset backoffice config for every login
backoffice.cockpitng.reset.scope widgets,cockpitConfig  
backoffice.cockpitng.additionalResourceLoader.enabled false   To make changes in ZUL files visible after page refresh, including changes to custom CSS files without ant and restart server
backoffice.cockpitng.uifactory.cache.enabled false  
backoffice.cockpitng.widgetclassloader.resourcecache.enabled false  
backoffice.cockpitng.resourceloader.resourcecache.enabled false  
backoffice.excel.export.max.rows integer 2000 Excel export limit
backoffice.fileUpload.maxSize integer 5242880 Backoffice upload widget max file size. true, false false  Add session variables to home page. Search as DEBUG INFO in html.
hac.webroot     For changing hac url.
backoffice.cockpitng.validate.cockpitConfig.onstartup true, false false  Validate backoffice.xml on startup.


true, false false  Saved charts, customer can manage multiple carts.


true, false false Update savetime as null while restoring cart as active cart.
task.polling.interval second 10  Sleep between processing task


second 10 task pooling interval
task.excluded.cluster.ids integer    Exclude tenant from processing task. Separate values with , for multiple entries.
task.engine.loadonstartup true, false true  Load task engine for current node.
backoffice.sass.enabled true, false true Enable Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets (Saas) for backoffice.
cache.legacymode true, false false  Disable caching.
imagemagick.bindir bin folder ImageMagic configfolder ImageMagic
tomcat.http.port 0-65000 9001 Http port
tomcat.ssl.port 0-65000 9002 Https port
tomcat.ajp.port 0-65000 8009 Ajp port
tomcat.jmx.port 0-65000 9003 Jmx port
tomcat.jmx.server.port 0-65000 9004 Jmx server port

Custom settings

Parameter Values Default Description
spring bean xml file   Global spring context.
<storefront>.checkout.url.pattern Regex   Disable authentication check (AnonymousCheckoutFilter) for checkout url for anonymous checkout. Sample: (^https://.*/checkout/.*)
website.<site-id>.http URL http\://localhost\:9001/ Site url
website.<site-id>.https URL https\://localhost\:9003/ Secure site url


2 için cevaplar “Known hybris configurations”

  1. Hello,

    Is there any option to set number of list value in backoffice?
    I see just 50 value in a page. I would like to determine it with 200. Is it effect to backoffice performence?

  2. Mustafa Kerim Yılmaz

    Hi İsmail,
    There are two parameter for pagesiz: cms2.namedquery.default.pagesize and cmsfacades.namedquery.default.pagesize. You can try them. Also parameter name may be different than these. You can and set all parameters in hac; Platform > Configuration

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